Elegant Trainwreck

elegant trainwreck



Furrows is an album of well-textured musical depth, as well as a high-water mark for Cox as a songwriter. ‘Ambulance’ and ‘Match Gone Fire’ are both so strong that it’s hard not to recommend the album on their strength alone. Luckily there is a lot more goodness to be had in addition to those. The well-crafted melodies, strong lyrics and quality production makes Furrows’ debut as easy a recommendation as I’ve made this year. Your brow may well crinkle with delight.” - Chris Nolen, Jackson Free Press

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Track Listing

  1. Sweet Anathesia
  2. Drag Your Knees
  3. Ambulance
  4. If I Was a Knight
  5. Match Gone Fire
  6. Bridgeburner
  7. No Letters