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Elegant Trainwreck Productions and Homework Town Records Announce the Release of “Welcome to Mississippi, America.”

This February, Jackson, Mississippi’s Elegrant Trainwreck Productions and Homework Town Records will release a vinyl compilation of songs from Mississippi artists entitled “Welcome to Mississippi, America.” The idea for the release arose from a discussion between Cody Cox (Elegant Trainwreck) and Garrad Lee (Homework Town) immediately following the election of Donald Trump in 2016. “The night of the election I Tweeted something along the lines of, ‘Now America gets to be Mississippi for the next 8 years.’ Cody and I talked the next day and the idea for our next release to riff off that concept was born,” Lee says.
“For so long the state of Mississippi has been looked down upon as a backward place. A place not as progressive as the rest of the nation. While we have our sordid history and our problems, we are aware of them and they are part of an everyday struggle as much as the humidity is. With the recent election and the recent state of political affairs, we have seen what Mississippians already knew, that the country as a whole is complicit in this oppression. While most ignored it, we accepted it as life and continued to push back where we could. ‘Welcome to Mississippi, America’ has, at its heart, a sense of protest but it also has a sense of home. We want everyone to know that the struggle for equality is ongoing and we welcome anyone who wants to join the fight. The voices will be heard, both those currently shouting as well as those that have come before,” Cox adds.
The multi-genre compilation features songs from Argiflex, Clouds & Crayons, Alex Fraser, Dream Cult, SiKa, Silas, Passing Parade, And the Echo, Standard Issues, and Skipp Coon. Comedians Holly Perkins, Patrick Jerome, and Nardo Blackmon also contributed pieces. To round off the full Mississippi aesthetic, Jackson based visual artist Ming Donkey designed all the artwork for the release. Cox and Lee hope that the sense of multi-genre and multi-media collaboration in this project can be adapted in other places and other mediums.
All profits from the sale of the records will be donated to Planned Parenthood Mississippi and Mississippi NAACP, two organizations that have been fighting and continue to fight for equality and justice in the state. “This album features voices speaking on issues facing our state as well as the nation as a whole. Listen to the voices here and remember the voices before. We have come so far but as we know in Mississippi, we have so far to go,” says Cox.
The record will cost $25 and pre-orders are being taken on elegant-trainwreck.com now. All pre-orders will ship by mid-February. A release party will also be held February 17th at The Flamingo (3011 N. State St. Jackson, MS). Check elegant-trainwreck.com for updates.

Release #: ET-0021

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