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That Scoundrel

That Scoundrel Rock 'n' Roll...on their own terms.

That Scoundrel is a rock band hailing from Brandon, Mississippi, a suburb just outside of Jackson, the state’s capitol. The band carries a simple message: rock n’ roll shouldn’t have pretense. It shouldn’t be so serious that people cannot have fun, but not so superficial that it doesn't warrant personal interpretation from the fans and listeners. That Scoundrel navigates reality with lyrics that deal with the search for meaning in a weird world. Like all their favorite bands, That Scoundrel is more interested in doing what they want, when they want, instead of worrying about any preconceived notions about what they are supposed to do. It’s all part of the band’s plan to blaze a distinct path for themselves as artists and performers.
Each member brings a different influence and dynamic to the band that don’t necessarily correlate with one another, but come together to create a unique sound and musical ethos. Bassist and lead singer Adam Barkley, who has been playing music since 9th grade, counts among his influences heavier bands as Clutch and Alice in Chains and the funk-rock of Faith No More. Guitarist John Schenk, who also adds tire squeals to the mix, bases his playing on inspiration from rock bands like Dinosaur Jr., Baroness, and The Melvins. Drummer Jen Chesler is influenced by everything from the straight ahead rock of Led Zeppelin and the Foo Fighters, to New Orleans funk of The Meters. The result is an honest menagerie of punk, rock, and funk that the band is proud to contribute to the growing Mississippi rock scene.
That Scoundrel has plans to release a record on Jackson, Mississippi label Elegant Trainwreck later in the summer of 2012. Until then, the band can be seen playing shows all over the Jackson area with any number of other like-minded local bands.


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