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elegant trainwreck

Silent G

Silent G I DJ, but I am not a DJ.

Silent G sets tend to be a whirlwind of genres and styles, mixes and remixes, with a heavy focus on trippy electronic music and hip hop. Each set usually tells some kind of story or follows some theme (that usually only makes sense to Silent G's wife and brother). Everything from Jeezy to Why? to Sonic Youth to Emancipator and Tycho, amongst many, many others, find their way into a typical Silent G set.

Silent G can also throw down full on sets featuring reggae, Afrobeat, rare groove, funk, soul, indie hip hop and more.

Just ask. He can usually throw something together.

Silent G is a member of the Jackson, MS based Skull and Crossfaders DJ collective, along with DJ Young Venom, Sandpaper, and Brik a Brak. He and Brik a Brak also collaborate as Physics for Poets


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