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Physics For Poets

Physics For Poets Brik a Brak and Silent G use turntables, vinyl, samplers, drum machines, electronics, and anything else they can to create a unique and fun Live PA DJ experience. Remixes, deconstructions, and interesting mash-ups of both popular and obscure music are reflective of the duo's eclectic taste in music.

We grew up in the same house because we are brothers. We have spent most of our lives living together. We always listen to music and go see music. Silent G got turntables in the late 90s, thinking he could put his record collection to use. He couldn't. So a few years later Brik a Brak took the tables and the records and started DJing in the kitchen of his house in college. He built an extensive following because of his turntablism skills and refusal to stop using vinyl. In 2007 he moved to Boulder, Colorado to join his Silent G and his wife. He continued DJing there until he relocated to Denver in 2009. Brik a Brak played solo DJ gigs as well as DJing for Denver rappers such as Whygee, Sunken State, and Naeem Oba.

In 2013, Brik a Brak returned to Mississippi to once again join Silent G, who had been back since 2009. We always wanted to do music together, so we started giving it a shot at the end of the year. Silent G found his voice with a Mac Book Pro and an APC, and Brik stayed on the turntables and vinyl and added an MPD to the mix. We use these instruments to play music we love in interesting combinations and mixes that always make sense to us, and hopefully it does to others.

We do this for fun, to amuse ourselves, but also because sharing music with others brings us so much joy. We are excited every time someone likes what we do and we love to do it.


Photo credits to Sharon Coker and Will Jolly


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