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Jaxx City

Jaxx City Jaxx City, who hails from Jackson, MS, uses his raps to paint a gritty picture of the city, and the rest of the world around it. For good measure, Jaxx interjects a healthy dose of comic book and movie references, twisted humor, and social commentary, all of which allow him to bring a fresh perspective to the material. Jaxx City is a member of the Vintage Noize crew, along with 5th Child, 7evenThirty, James Crow, and Ulogy.

Jaxx City (Nicholas McQueen) was born in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1982, and returned for good at the age of 5 after a stint in St. Louis. He was reading and writing before ever starting school, and was writing poetry by kindergarten and by 18 was writing his first rhymes. Shortly after, he met and began working for Ezra Brown at Seven All Arts Café, which at the time was the central gathering point for Jackson’s hip hop, poetry, and DJ scenes. It was at Seven that Jaxx was exposed to a world of new creativity, which shaped his tastes and guided his creative method, which he uses as inspiration to this day as he relentlessly works to hone his writing and mic skills. Jaxx went on to team up with 7evenThirty (now with Mello Music Group) to form Mozaic Dialect (MZD). He went on to do solo work, and teamed up with his manager and best friend Erik “E-Class” Eide, who has been instrumental in working with Jaxx to perfect his writing, delivery, and style. Jaxx City signed with Elegant Trainwreck/Homework Town in 2013 and his solo debut, “No Good Nick,” was released on July 11, 2014.

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