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The Empty Handed Painters

The Empty Handed Painters The Empty Handed Painters formed slightly by accident. Drummer, Whit Ramsey, had to turn down a show with his previous band, Wolves Like Sheep, because of a date conflict; but he told the promoter his new band (not officially existent yet) could play. Whit and Guitarist Hal Kolodney would jam occasionally for fun. One day the two friends, repeating a sludgy riff written the previous day, asked friend Nick Maloney to borrow his loop pedal. Instead, Nick came over with his guitar and gear and they wrote the first few songs for the 'Painters' and 2 months later played their first show as a 3 piece. Shortly after, the band added Dylan Crouch to play bass. The Empty Handed Painters wrote and recorded their first album with Dylan. Dylan (living in Cleveland, Mississippi, with his other band Water Spaniel) was replaced by Stephen Callahan in the summer of 2014.

The Empty Handed Painters perform instrumental rock music experimenting with ambience, sound clips, lengthy songs, and branching out with instrumentation.

Whit Ramsey - Drums
Hal Kolodney - guitar
Nick Maloney - guitar, synth, trombone, didgeridoo
Stephen Callahan - bass, trumpet

Dylan Crouch played bass on the album "Onlooker"

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