Elegant Trainwreck

elegant trainwreck

Dream Cult

Dream Cult Since the beginning of 2012, Hayden Boyd, Travis Bass, Micah Boyd, Salar Almakky, and Cody Bass, Dream Cult, have been writing music and playing where ever they can. The Weekend Kids have become a staple at Jackson area venues, including Morningbell Records and Studio's After School Sessions to perform the song "Eastwood Rivals" for the studio's video session. In October 2012, they put out "Animals," their first full length, as a free online release. It has been said by many that Dream Cult bring sounds that remind you of getting in your car for a road trip, lighting up a bonfire at the beach, throwing a house party when your parents are out of town, and the first day of summer vacation.

Look for The Weekend Kids debut for Elegant Trainwreck due Spring 2013.


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