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Cynical Twins

Cynical Twins Cynical Twins are an alt-rock band that formed in Jackson in 2014, but they certainly aren’t new to the music scene. Having played in various bands since 1980, Cynical Twins is the only band featuring all 3 members in the same lineup. Bass player and lyricist Sherry Cothren (The Germans/ Beat Temptation/ The Windbreakers), guitarist and vocalist Jeff Lewis (Oral Sox/ Radio London), and Joe Partridge (The Germans, Radio London, The Windbreakers) all cut their teeth is some of the South’s most iconic independent rock bands in the 1980s and 1990s before finally coming together to form their current group.

Musically, the band’s sound moves from soft edge dynamics to searing alternative rock with power pop overtones, while lyrically providing thoughtful commentary on the state of affairs, worldly issues, and matters of the heart and soul.


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